Insert attachments and links from SharePoint lightning quick in Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010

As part of the 6.2 release we have focussed on greater productivity from the desktop in particular that ability to link to content already existing in SharePoint and the ability to send out attachments from SharePoint if sending emails externally to partners, suppliers etc..

OnePlaceMail has always solved the painful issue of getting content from the desktop into SharePoint seamlessly with metadata etc. and now we tackle the equally painful issue of ‘communicating out’ existing content within SharePoint.

Introducing ‘Insert from SharePoint’

  • We have introduced a new ribbon button in Outlook:


  • Quickly browse or search for content in SharePoint:



  • Quickly filter and sort library/list content and search results:



  • Select one or more items and select ‘Insert as Link’ or ‘Insert as Attachment’:


  • The link or attachment is inserted into the new email in Outlook:


The native SharePoint 2010 alternative approach to Inserting an attachment from SharePoint

  • Open up the browser and navigate to the library or search for the content in SharePoint.
  • Locate the correct item and select ‘Download a copy’:


  • Choose a location to save the copy to.
  • Switch back to Outlook
  • Compose a new email
  • Insert an attachment as normal and browse to the location you saved the file.

This process is extremely cumbersome involving you switching between applications to complete the process. With the OnePlaceMail approach we allow you to complete the process all within Outlook which not only makes the user more productive but helps further drive the adoption of your SharePoint platform.

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